With an Extensive Background in Taxation Services, Bechu Babu Consultancy is fully equipped to handle all Tax related Services from Tax Planning to Tax Filing as mentioned below:

A) Goods & Service Tax (GST) Registration

  • Assessment of the GST Compliance of a Business

  • Assessment of the Eligibility of a Business to get registered under Normal or Composition Scheme

  • HSN & SAC Code Consultation

B) Goods & Service Tax (GST) Return Filing 

  • Collection & Consolidation of Client Data

  • Reconciliations of Expenses & Incomes

  • Input Tax Credit (ITC) Calculation to identify ITC Return

  • Assistance in Preparation & Reconciliation of GSTR 2A

  • Reviewing & Filling of Annual Return in Form GSTR-9

C) Goods & Service Tax (GST) Consultation

  • On-call Advisory regarding Queries under the GST Law

  • Guidance & assistance in the Preparation of E-way Bills


Mr. Sumit Das

Mr. S. Das

Mr. Shyamapada Pradhan

Mr. S. Pradhan

Mr. Abhishek Ghosh

Mr. A. Ghosh